Our Tech Services

Whether it's on site or in the shop, We get the job done.

We strive to deliver high quality IT service to our community. Whether you need a computer setup for you in your home, a security checkup for your business, or even help with migrating your business server to a new operating system and implimenting a comprehensive backup plan for your company.
Big or small, M&M High Tech will help you through.

In-Shop Computer Repair

At M&M High Tech your data and comfortablility are top priority. We have a simple procedure of collecting any neccesary information and promptly getting your PC to one of our well trained technicians to diagnose the problem, the technician will then call you with the diagnosis and inform you of your options, before any work is done to the system, to assure your complete satifaction. We also provide our customer's with courtesy copies of some of the best rated virus protection softwares available!

      Some examples of work you may need done:

  • Mobile Phone Repair
  • Virus cleanups and Security Updates
  • Backups of documents onto many forms of removeable media (CD, DVD, USB Drive, Seperate Hard Drive, Etc.)
  • Reinstallation of various versions of Windows, As well as Mac OS and Linux Distributions.
  • Hardware Upgrades such as RAM, CPU, Video Card, and Hard Drive/Solid State Drive Upgrades.
    These are the best ways to see a better speed from your computer.


At M&M High Tech we are fully equipped to handle your home/business with care while on site.
We will provide courteous and respectful technicians to your home/business to supply you with the most seamless and cost effective solution for your home/business needs.

      Some examples of our work include:

  • Wired/Wireless Network Installation, Extention, Security, Consulting, and Configuration.
  • Server/Client Installation, Security, Consulting, And Configuration.
  • Software setup, Virus cleanups, Internet Repair and Installation, Computer Setup's, Home Theatre Setup, Projector Installation
  • Satellite Internet Installation and Maintenence
  • Security Camera Installation and Configuration.